Good News Ministries

21st of April 2017

New Look for Good News Ministries

As you have probably noticed, we have made a few changes to our materials this year. We are excited to announce a new look and feel for Good News Ministries. Although there are some appearance differences, what Good News does on a daily basis has not changed. For this facelift, we have adopted an updated logo. Our logo with the hands over the Bible […]

14th of April 2017

Wyatt’s Journey to Good News Ministries

Last July, 29-year-old Wyatt Borden suffered a mental breakdown due to depression. Wyatt lost his home and began living with a friend due to financial problems. For months, he laid around all day contemplating ending his life. On Thanksgiving Day, Wyatt’s friend walked in on him attempting to cut his wrists with a knife. His suicide attempt was thwarted, but […]

1st of March 2016

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