Creating Greenspace in Downtown Indy

Good News Ministries

This past week a significant demolition project was commenced to help transform our campus and the near-east side. This project has everything to do with improving the quality of life for our residents and our staff. It is a project that we have been working on for nearly 3 years. Casey Bertram Construction Inc. came alongside us and gave us a significant discount to help get it done. The Department of Public Works through the city provided the dumpster’s to haul off the debris. We appreciate the work and donation of these individuals as well as the support of you our donors that helped make this undertaking possible.

The houses that were removed were dilapidated beyond repair or worthwhile renovation. Two of the houses that came down will open up a rather significant area. The space crated will allow us to construct a park for the men in our mission who, up to this point, have had virtually nowhere to exist outside of the mission itself. We will be creating a peaceful, serene environment complete with plants, trees, walking paths, and shrubberies encompassing about 18,000 square feet. The other house that was demolished is a key component in the advancement of our Project Next Step, and will eventually complement the house that is set for renovation next. These houses will be used for residents and families that complete our Ministry Program, and also provide housing for staff and interns.

When we renovate and improve our campus, we have a larger vision to make our campus pleasant to live in for our resident’s, families and staff. The renovations give our campus a better curb appeal and also create a pleasant environment for the ministry to exist in. Your prayers and financial support allow us the opportunity to continue to keep working on the facilities that the Lord has blessed us with.

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