Good News Grounds Makeover!

Good News Ministries

The grounds at Good News have been getting some much needed attention! The first aspect of this overhaul came with the addition of a new concrete parking lot for our Administration Building. Shortly thereafter the Lord blessed us with another parking lot that sits directly behind our health Clinic. It was incredible to have these parking lots completed, but the Lord wasn’t through yet. In addition to the parking lots we also were able to repave the ally system that runs
through the heart of our campus.

We also have three plots of land with houses that are in such bad condition they have to be demolished. This is set to take place next week. We are asking for everyone to pray that the demo project goes well and there are no major complications with the undertaking. We have also been able to remodel the exterior of two garages on our property. This remodel will unify the exterior of the buildings with the other properties that we own.

Finally, we have devoted some attention to the exterior of our Men’s Shelter. We will be placing new signage that will clearly mark the main entrance to the building, and add an awning that will be over the main entrance. Several exterior doors were replaced as well. We will continue to thank him and to seek to glorify him the upkeep and stewardship of the facilities that we have been blessed with.

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