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Good News for Homeless Families

Families are the fastest growing segment of the homeless population. Their plight is particularly heartrending because innocent children are often involved.

Families become homeless for different reasons. Some because the parents lost a job, lack the education needed to earn a livable wage or struggle with poor health and mounting bills. Others become addicted to drugs or alcohol making it difficult to maintain employment.

These families find it difficult to live with family or friends for long and emergency shelter only offers temporary relief.

The GOOD NEWS FAMILY SHELTER offers homeless families their own, fully furnished apartment with all the financial, educational, emotional, medical and spiritual support needed to make a complete recovery.

Families entering the program come with some combination of financial, legal, employment, addiction, relationship and educational problems that have brought them to this low point in their lives.

Our goal is to reach these families with the Gospel and help them overcome their destructive behavior that makes successful independent living difficult or impossible.

The program lasts up to 24 months, though families can stay as long as they need. While in the highly structured program we offer families assistance with a furnished apartment, utilities, food, clothing and medical at NO CHARGE.

While here parents attend mandatory group and individual counseling sessions where they gain a Biblical foundation for parenting, interpersonal relationships, finances and gaining victory over addictions.

Good News Family Shelter

2801 E. Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46201