New Court-Approved Recovery Program

Good News Ministries

We are proud to announce the addition of a new, on-site recovery program for our clients! This past Thursday, Good News opened its own chapter of the Reformers Unanimous Addiction Program. A combined effort by some of our Men’s Shelter staff and volunteer counselors from local churches created the start of long awaited dream. Previously we would have to transport our clients off-site to attend a program of this nature. Now, we are able to hold weekly on-site recovery classes that are recognized by the court and legal systems.

Our RU program meets weekly on Thursday nights. Those attending are encouraged by student testimonies, receive individual and group counseling and also hear practical Bible preaching throughout each session. They are provided with workshop and training materials to keep them focused on discipleship and recovery throughout the rest of the week. The Reformers Unanimous Program uses the Gospel of Jesus Christ and practical discipline skills to help people achieve freedom from addictive and sinful lifestyles. At Good News Mission, we are in the business of turning lives around and the RU program is perfectly designed to help us meet that goal!

Currently, our meetings are being held in a staff house that has remained vacant. Although we started with only 12 men in attendance, we know it will quickly grow much larger. We have a vision to purchase a house that is adjacent to our campus then renovate it to accommodate the needs of a program like this one. We are praying that God will raise up about $40,000 to make this vision come to reality within the next year.

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