Good News Ministries


Replace Men's Shelter Lockers

  The lockers our men use while they stay at the mission are in dire need of replacement. The lockers we have now are simply falling apart, and our men need new ones! We are looking for 80+ heavy duty, metal lockers that we can place in our dorms. These...

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Three Homes to be Built at Five Stones Camp

From the time we started Five Stones Camp, we knew two components would be needed to maximize our rescue ministry among troubled inner city teen boys. FIRST―an intense, 6-week summer camp program designed to evangelize and disciple the young men God brought our way. SECOND―a 9-month residential Academy that provides...

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Replace Shelter Boiler

For years our Men's Shelter has operated with a large boiler to heat the building during the winter months. However, this boiler is very old and extremely costly to run. At times the boiler may even fail during cold winter nights and must be serviced immediately to keep the shelter...

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Cabin 4 Renovation at Five Stones Camp

One at a time we are remodeling our camp cabins for use! Cabin 4 is next on our list. We need skilled labor volunteers and materials for the interior and exterior of the building! IF you would be interested in helping us with this project please let us know!...

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