Good News Ministries

Men’s Shelter

Just like most large American cities, the majority of homeless people in Indianapolis are single men. While there are usually several factors leading to their downfall, 7 out of 10 homeless men become so primarily because of the negative effects of drug or alcohol addictions.

A lifestyle controlled by substance abuse eventually takes a toll leaving most of them with NO job, NO money and NO place to go.

After relationships with family and friends finally reach the breaking point, they find themselves living on the streets…alone…homeless. That’s when they find their way to GOOD NEWS MISSION.

Good News Mission is in the business of rebuilding broken lives. We offer men a clean, warm bed and 3 nutritious meals a day. Over 1,000 different men come to us every single year in search of food and shelter, but receive so much more.

We provide serviceable clothing, medical care, educational or vocational training assistance and counseling as needed; however, our ULTIMATE purpose is to proclaim the Gospel and establish them in independent Christian living.

Though these men come to us in need of basic human services, we offer them so much more. Each day Good News Mission staff and volunteers minister to clients through mandatory evening chapel services, group and individual Bible studies and addiction counseling sessions. Unlike most missions, we offer a “home” to the men as long as they have need. While here, we try to address the root problems whether it is drugs, alcohol, bitterness, anger, abusive parents or pornography.

Known as the “working man’s mission” everyone who is able must work. Whether it is an outside job or work detail at the mission, we believe that men need to experience the self-respect that comes from simple, hard work.

We also help clients take advantage of appropriate educational opportunities. For some that may be obtaining a GED, for others it may be college or vocational training.