Good News Ministries

40-Day Challenge

Located on 145+ acres of wooded land in Reelsville, Indiana, the Boys Home 40-Day Challenge provides an absolutely FREE residential camping experience. Our desire to help the disadvantaged inner-city youth allows a hand up to our Indiana community.

The 40-Day Challenge is a rigorous summer program for troubled, low-income teenage boys, ages 13-17. Presently, this program rescues them from the negative influences of gangs, drugs, neglect and domestic violence. Next, our Boys Home helps them become responsible, mature and independent young men through spiritual, educational and career training.

Our passion also includes training at-risk teenage boys to turn away from their hurtful lifestyles. Ultimately, we encourage them to embrace the duties and freedoms that come with true Biblical Manhood.

In addition, many of the young men that come to us show a lack of respect and discipline. These young men come from neighborhoods filled with crime and driven by rebellion. Above all, our hope is to give them a brighter future through our summer program.