Brianna and Kylah


Brianna and Kylah are two of the sweetest sisters you could meet. But their lives haven’t exactly been easy.

Two years ago their parents separated, causing a lot of confusion and grief for these two girls. After about a year of back and forth between parents, their mom moved to Indianapolis for a new start. With no friends or places to play, Brianna and Kylah sat at home while their mom was working.

Their mom passed by our Youth Center going to and from work every day. After picking her kids up from school she stopped by and see what the program in action.

She couldn’t believe how nice the staff were, all the fun activities and the best part… it’s all FREE!

She signed Brianna and Kylah up on the spot and added them to the GNM bus pickup route. After a few weeks of attending the Youth Center both girls sat with a counselor and gave their hearts to Jesus. Since then, both girls have earned every incentive activity with the Youth Center and have been faithful to church.

Their mom says, “They have definitely opened up since being at the Center, they are more social, and seem much happier. They are so excited to go to the Youth Center each day!”

She even shared that Brianna is getting better grades since coming to the Youth Center and participating in the tutorial program. Even though they have experienced much heartache, Brianna and Kylah now have peace and hope in their young lives.