Chad’s Journey

“I never knew what opening my heart to God meant until I came to Good News,” Chad says. Today, he has a great attitude and smile, but admits that wasn’t true for most of his life.

Although Chad recalls going to church with his grandparents as a child, that changed. He started down a path that would eventually lead him to become homeless.

Chad’s father worked a lot and was hardly ever home. His mother’s struggles with obesity after Chad’s birth became life-threatening, causing her to be… homebound.

Of course, the massive weight gain and corresponding health issues led to depression and despair for his mother. But, Chad suffered emotional trauma as a kid as well because he felt she blamed him for her problems. He says, “About age 9, she told me she wished I’d never have been born.”

Chad started drinking with older kids from the neighborhood in grade school. By age 13, he was doing drugs as well and entered his first treatment center when he turned 15. He got kicked out of school at 16. He shares, “They just didn’t know what to do with me.”

For the next 30 years, Chad went from couch surfing at a friend’s house to living with a girlfriend to moving back with his parents only to start the cycle over when he was no longer welcome. All the while his drug and alcohol addictions continued to spiral out of control.

Chad says he had spent over half his life in jail or in treatment centers all over Indiana.

When the last facility he tried to enter for the 6th time said no, a friend from a past job brought him to Good News Mission.

“My friend that brought me here has always been in my corner for some reason,” Chad says, and now he knows why. Shortly after checking into our shelter, hearing the Gospel several times, Chad decided to open his heart to the love of God and accept Christ as his Savior!