From Shattered to Stable

By the time Steve came to Good News Ministries, he had shattered every relationship in his life. Friends, family and even his own daughter couldn’t continue living with his addiction to crack cocaine. “I’ve done every kind of hard drug you can name. I spent decades buying, selling, using and abusing drugs. I figured one day it was just going to kill me.” Steve says.

After being forced onto the streets, Steve got the best advice anyone could give…try Good News! Our drug and alcohol-free shelter was exactly what Steve needed to start making some lasting life changes. Counselors began working one-on-one with him to get to the root of Steve’s addictions. Even though he had grown up in a religious home and claimed to be a Christian, Steve admitted to turning his back on God as a young adult.

Not long after arriving, Steve was ready to give up all of his past life and turn his heart back to God. In the meantime, he was also able to put his cooking skills to use as the head chef in our kitchen! Though Steve was making progress personally, physically his body was falling apart from years of drug abuse. Steve went through multiple surgeries to remove cancer from his tongue and mouth as well as multiple invasive operations, eventually leading to the removal of his bladder.

Good News walked side-by-side with Steve every step of the way, working with him through physical therapy and rehab. But after several times in and out of the hospital, Steve was left without the ability to work anymore and applied for disability. Just last month Steve was finally able to get an apartment of his own and move out with stability.

With a smile, Steve says, “I have my own place, a car, and sobriety. I talk to my daughter regularly now and am excited to finally see her and my granddaughter for the first time in years. Without the help of Good News Ministries, I probably wouldn’t even be alive today.”