A Servant’s Heart

Hugh Wunderly started volunteering at Good News Ministries in 2012. At that time his church, Colonial Hills Baptist Church, was sponsoring a program where the kids from Good News came on Sundays. He became familiar with a number of the teens and kids. This was his first interaction and knowledge of Good News Ministries and the programs here.

Hugh’s is now involved with the tutorial program at the Youth Center. He helps students with their reading and other homework. The 45 minutes of his time that he volunteers investing in the lives of the Youth Center kids is a blessing to him and to the kids.

Through his years, a few memories stand out to him as special moments. One is a teenage boy who he tutored in reading. They worked together, and they both enjoyed seeing the positive results in the boy’s reading abilities. Another memory came after an operation he had. He received a get-well card that was signed by the youth center kids.

Hugh says, “I have a lot of respect for the staff, knowing what a difficult ministry it is, in serving the youth of the inner-city. I volunteer to just help out in some small capacity.” Hugh is always smiling and looking for opportunities to be a blessing. His servant’s heart and contribution to this ministry is greatly appreciated by all!