Face of Hope: Ethan

This is Ethan. He is 14 years old and is one of the young men participating in our Boys Home 40-Day Challenge. In recent years, Ethan has seriously struggled with major depression, behavioral disorders and substance abuse. His parents took him to mental facilities and therapists to get him the deliverance he desperately needed, but no matter how much he seemed to improve, he would spiral out of control and attempt to numb the pain any way he could. “Escape is temporary,” Ethan said. “I can’t escape forever.”

Just when Ethan’s parents had reached the end of their ropes, they heard our 40-Day Challenge radio ad on WIBC this past spring and quickly signed Ethan up for the program. Although he was initially resistant to the camp and to the Gospel, things just started to click for him. After finally understanding his need for a Savior, Ethan gave his heart to Jesus and was later baptized!

Ever since Ethan received God’s forgiveness, he has been experiencing the work of the Holy Spirit in his life. Now he is calm, respectful and happy. “My attitude has definitely changed,” Ethan said. “I care more. I love more. I appreciate more. I would have to say [it is because of] getting saved and baptized.” Although there will no doubt be struggles ahead for Ethan in his life, he has the assurance that Christ is with him always. “Christ is with you, even when no one else is. You can always come to Him when you are low. He is the answer to absolutely everything.”

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