Face Of Hope: Chris

Face Of Hope: Chris

Chris came to our Men’s Shelter after his sister made him leave her house and has now been here for 4 years. Chris’ life began to crumble when his wife’s affair blindsided his family.

“We never worried about money. I had a great mechanic job and she was an accountant. Our kids never worried about anything, they always had full stomachs, we had nice cars and a new house. But she cheated on me, and we got a divorce.” 

Chris struggled with alcohol after his divorce. His involvement in a death-metal band called Legion in Los Angeles encouraged him to rely on alcohol to deal with problems in life. Chris says, “I drank like a rock star, but it catches up to you. I never did drugs, I saw it kill my friend and I did not want that in my own life.” After his job let him go, Chris moved in with a girlfriend/prostitute who ended up leaving him. This breakup tipped Chris over the edge into a full-blown alcohol addiction.

“Beer, morning to night, all the time. I chugged it. I wouldn’t let anyone help me either. My pride got in the way. Pride makes you say you don’t need help while you’re sitting there broke and eating noodles.” 

Eventually Chris felt he needed to be closer to family. He moved to Indianapolis to live with his sister who was trying to help him get his life back on track. He also had a concerned Christian friend who had been telling Chris along the way about his need for a Savior who could give him a new life. Though there was much resistance, Chris finally responded by giving his heart to Jesus! But Chris continued to struggle with the addiction to alcohol.  Soon after his salvation, Chris’ sister told him he needed to move out and go to a place where he could find the help he really needed. He didn’t like it, but with no other options, he moved into the Men’s Shelter. The accountability of the program immediately helped move Chris past his need for beer and the Word of God began to have its’ cleansing effect.  Now Chris drives the van for Lighthouse Community Church where he attends and has become a quiet, happy man. He often greets people with a smile and works hard to tell other men in the shelter about Christ.

“Good News has helped keep me accountable and loyal to the work they have trusted me to get done. The biggest part of my life is Christ and every day I try to share Him with everybody. Now, I’m just being patient, waiting for God to open the doors. Get me the right job. Get me the right girl. He has them out there. I just need to be patient and loyal to what I’m supposed to do. I try to tell other guys that. To just wait and let God and Good News help you. Some of them listen. Some of them don’t. They just go back to that same lifestyle of being broke and hungry.”

Chris works in our Small Parts Assembly program and also drives our box truck to pick up donations of all kinds. He maintains a positive, upbeat attitude as he keeps Christ at the center of his life. Chris often reflects on when he showed up to the shelter doors, “I was an alcoholic, but Good News had their doors open to people like me.”  Please pray for Chris as he continues to grow and take huge steps towards self-sufficiency!


Chris bought a car!
This is a huge step for Chris in self-sufficiency and his purchase is made possible by vehicle donations to our ministry.
Chris has made huge progress over his time at our Men’s Shelter and is looking forward to taking even more steps towards independence!