Amber & Odette

For many years Good News Ministries has sent select kids who faithfully attend our Youth Center program to Christian school.  With our state’s Choice Program, the tuition is covered.  However, our staff provides the transportation, works with the teachers, helps with the homework after school and even packs them a lunch every day.  Because the Christian education has significantly higher standards than public school, an extreme level of involvement on our part is necessary we basically become the “parent” as far as the education is concerned.

Amber and Odette are sisters. They have both trusted Jesus for salvation through our ministry and continue to grow in the Lord as they faithfully attend our Youth Center. The girls shared with our Youth Center Director an interest in attending a Christian School. After much consideration,  the staff decided that the girls would be great fit for our Christian School Program and so with their mother’s permission, we enrolled them in Suburban Christian School!

They are well into their first month at Suburban and are adapting to the transition nicely. Amber, who is in the 5th grade, says “I like that the classes are more challenging and that the teachers help me grow more as a Christian.” Odette is in 10th grade and said “I like that the teachers take a personal interest in my life and want me to be successful in school.” The girls are receiving a quality Christian education with all the help they need to succeed and it’s all provided in an environment of love and godly influence. Please pray for Amber and Odette as they participate in this wonderful opportunity!