40-Day Summer Challenge

As a prerequisite to the Academy, our Boys Home offers a 40-Day Challenge during the summer months where the teen boys in attendance can escape gangs and other damaging influences. A structured environment is provided where they are introduced to a relationship with Jesus Christ that can help them begin making positive life choices before it is too late. The boys are also taught variety of skilled trades and enjoy exciting recreational activities.

Meet Zack

Life as a teen is already difficult without the added pressures of drugs, divorce and destructive inner-city influences. For Zack, these difficulties began before high school and developed into confusion and anger at his situation in life. These frustrations morphed into uncontrolled behavior; Zack’s environment and emotions were taking him down a destructive path.


Providing Hope Through

Our Boys Home 40-Day Challenge is intended to be a crossroads in the lives of teen boys who are already too hardened for their families to handle. Many of the teens we serve already have criminal records.

We are happy to announce that our Boys Home Academy is offering a Summer School to our 40-day program! Boys can earn up to two class credits during our Summer School.

The 40-Day Challenge takes place at our Boys Home property in Reelsville, IN. This rigorous summer program is for troubled, low-income teenage boys, ages 13-17. This program rescues them from the negative influences of gangs, drugs, neglect and domestic violence. Next, the 40-Day Challenge helps them become responsible, mature and independent young men through spiritual, educational and career training.

This program is funded by donations and grants from Good News Ministries and is completely FREE to the parents and teens involved in the program!