Boy’s Home Success

When Alex came to the Good News Boys Home, he was an angry, frustrated sophomore with little belief in his ability to succeed in life. While struggles abounded, one area in which Alex found enjoyment and talent was in his class on heavy equipment operation, a class we teach to give students a basic skill that will help them find a job.

Alex spent his three years at our Boys Home learning how to use a backhoe, skid steer, Sky Trak and a mini-excavator. He exhibited great skills that were used in several building projects and maintenance. After graduating from our Boys Home last month, Alex listed his equipment experience on a resume and the staff as references. When following up on his resume, Alex’s potential employers were skeptical of his experience. They questioned whether or not such a young man was as capable and experienced as his resume indicated. Our staff was able to assure them that Alex had over 40 hours of experience on these machines and was fully capable of the jobs for which he was applying.

Within one week of graduating, Alex landed a job driving a Sky Trak machine for a company installing solar panels. He gives full credit to the work experience he gained at the Boys Home. Alex now plans to attend IUPUI in the fall. He will use his summer work money to help pay for his college education. Just a few years ago these jobs and a shot at a reputable education were just a dream, but thanks to our Boys Home program, Alex’s dreams are becoming a reality.