Getting the Keys to Success

In 2020 we introduced you to Dewey. His father gave him drugs when he was just 12 years old and it started Dewey on a downward spiral of addiction and heartache.

When Dewey first came to Good News, he knew he needed a complete turn around and, with the help of his counselors and a growing relationship with Christ, he is seeing hope on the horizon. Dewey was able to enroll in the Purposeful Design School of Woodworking & Discipleship, a furniture building company with a mission to help rebuild the lives of individuals broken by addiction or homelessness and equip them with valuable work skills. When they learned that Dewey had training in welding, they allowed him to use his talents as their first welder!

“Working at Purposeful Design is amazing. I get to know the guys I am working with and we all help each other in our spiritual walks. And for the first time in a long time, my employer respects me and knows he can depend on me to get the work done.”

After Dewey established a steady income, our Men’s Shelter Director assisted him in getting nearly $6,000 in legal fines and penalties completely paid off!  Dewey was able to get his driver’s license reinstated after more than a year without it, and he now drives his church’s shuttle bus and helps with transportation at work. Since Dewey has been making great strides toward self-sufficiency, Good News was able to assist him further by providing a vehicle he could purchase for far below book value. Thanks to generous donors, GNM is able to have inexpensive vehicle options available for men in our program who have successfully recovered and are getting back on their feet. Reliable transportation is a big necessity and, with the purchase of a car, Dewey is almost ready to be on his own again! His next step toward independence is building up his savings to a level of $5,000, at which point we believe he will be ready for life outside the Mission walls. Having reserve funds can help guard against regression in recovery and can keep a person sustained through unforeseen setbacks in life.

“Good News helped me set in motion what I needed. They helped get me off drugs and into a deeper relationship with God. God is setting things up for me and Good News is helping me make good decisions, which I used to be poor at. I am also an active member at Faith Baptist. I love the people there, they treat all of us men from GNM the same as they treat anyone else. They have also helped me read the Bible better. The Bible finds your faults and tells you how to make them right.”