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Every position at Good News Ministries is an opportunity for ministry and is vital to the fulfillment of our mission.

Available Positions

Position Summary:

This fulltime ministry position is responsible for individual and/or group client Bible studies, counseling and guidance sessions for our Men’s Shelter residents. This position reports directly to our Director of Men’s Ministries.

  • Perform individual biblical counseling
    sessions with assigned clients
  • Conduct group Bible studies
  • Guide and assist clients as they deal with the issues that caused them to become homeless such as legal, financial, marital, addictions, medical, educational/vocational & employment difficulties
  • Maintain schedule of evening chapel speakers & conduct services as needed
  • Work with Clientele Manager to insure
    accurate client tracking & statistical reports
  • Faith in Jesus Christ and committed to a Bible believing, fundamental church
  • Must agree with our doctrinal statement
  • High moral integrity
  • Self motivated with a strong work ethic
  • Must love the homeless, have a burden to see the lost saved & growing in the Lord
  • Degree with Biblical emphasis preferred
  • Previous counseling experience preferred
  • Certified Biblical Counselor or willing to become certified
  • Excellent people skills and highly creative
  • Competent using MS Word, Excel & Outlook

This position will be responsible for overseeing an entirely new educational programming component of our Men’s Shelter daily operations. A new space has been created with 4 classrooms, 2 offices and a conference area for the purpose of conveying vital information to every resident of the shelter in an organized classroom-style setting. Twenty classes comprised of 157 sessions that cover topics such as: Creation vs. Evolution, How Did We Get the Bible, Understanding Sin, Job Readiness Barriers, Understanding Chemical Dependency, Financial Disciplines, How to Make Better Decisions, and many other concepts will be taught using a collection of DVDs.


Mon-Fri: 7:30AM-4:30PM


This position will create the system that will bring each man through the various classes while tracking their progress. This will require a high degree of organizational skills and record keeping. The goal is to get each resident through all 157 classes as efficiently as possible, understanding that many men will come and go from the program and other obligations will interrupt their class attendance. Teaching specific classes is not a requirement of the position, but the ability to help men understand the content, answer questions and clarify information as needed will be vital.

  • Strong organizational and record keeping skills
  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agree with our ministry Statement of Faith
  • Highly motivated with strong work ethic and initiative
  • Excellent people skills
  • Desire to help homeless men strengthen their faith, increase their Bible knowledge, improve their decision making, break destructive behaviors, better manage money, and prepare to enter the workforce, among others
  • Proficient in Word and Excel
  • Ability to operate audiovisual and similar equipment
Position Summary:

This position plays a key role in discipling the boys through both group and one-on-one counseling sessions. Responsibilities include planning activities that assist the boys in developing biblical manhood character traits and relationship building skills. The Coordinator will ensure that planned events and devotions focus on the importance of foundational spiritual truths. We are seeking a leader that can supervise and mentor the evening staff to manage and maintain productive after school hours.


During Academy Program:
Weekday Hours: M, T, W, R 3PM-10:30PM; F 3PM-11:30PM
Weekend Hours: 6+ hours between Saturday and Sunday that will fluctuate
During Summer Program:
Weekday Hours: M-F 9AM-6PM / Weekend Hours: participation in weekend coverage


During Academy Program:
• Plan Weekend Activities for Dorm Supervisor to implement
• Become Certified in Boating, ATV, Lifeguard, CPR, First Aid, CPI, CDL, Gun Range
• Create monthly calendar of evening activities and events
• Schedule/conduct M-F Evening Devotions
• Create a Christ-centered atmosphere in a controlled and managed setting
• Perform one-on-one counseling sessions at least once per week with each student and complete written report
• Maintain the schedule and structure of the program during the evening/weekend hours
• Ensure a safe and controlled environment throughout the evening/weekend hours
• Intervene as necessary to avoid/stop aggressive behavior among the students
• Verify chores are accomplished each evening to GNM standards
• Issue corrective action measures as needed
• Complete EOS (End of Shift) Report pointing out issues faced w/ summary of each student’s attitude & behavior
• Ensure an effective homework/study session takes place each evening: M, T, R, F
• Provide a spirit of discipleship intended to draw the students into a closer relationship with Christ
• Build relationships through nightly interactive recreational activities
• Be on the bus Wed PM to assist transporting students to church, share Sun AM/PM transportation as needed
• Assist as needed in Academy Sports Program and manage Gladiator Store
• Serve on the Tier Promotion Review Board

During Summer Program:
• Monitor detention room and various activity centers during free time
• Intervene as necessary to avoid/stop aggressive behavior among the students
• Assist in vocational training and monitor PACE classes
• Provide assistance with activities and games & lifeguard as needed


• Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agree with our ministry Statement of Faith
• Bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry preferred
• Counseling training/certification from certified Biblical counseling program and/or 5 yrs counseling experience
• Demonstrated heart to disciple difficult young men through the Word of God
• Demonstrated ability to supervise others in a team environment
• Detail-oriented, proven skills in documenting program activity and communicating appropriately with leadership
• Ability to enforce corrective action measures on students as needed (not timid)
• Able to maintain the schedule and structure of the program during the evening/weekend hours
• Able to give and receive constructive criticism

Position Summary:

The Dorm Supervisor is responsible for ensuring the boys are directly supervised during the evening and nighttime hours. This position is to create a safe and respectful environment so the boys can hear the Biblical truths presented. This individual is responsible for maintaining a climate that encourages students to achieve their developmental goals. The Dorm Supervisor will enforce a controlled environment while taking opportunities to mentor the young men in our program to prepare them for the responsibilities of life.


Weekday Hours:  Mon-Fri 6PM-11PM (and on-call to solve problems that may arise overnight)

Weekend Hours:  Sat & Sun 9AM-11PM (minus 6 hours that the Evening/Weekend Program Coordinator covers)


During Academy Program:

  • Create a Christ-centered atmosphere in a controlled and managed setting
  • Maintain the schedule and structure of the program during the evening/weekend hours
  • Assist with morning wake-ups on the weekends
  • Administer evening and weekend medications
  • Perform room checks and inspections
  • Ensure chores are done completely and correctly
  • Assist with meal time supervision, monitor during offsite activities such as church services and events
  • Respond to negative student behavior and building alarms
  • Serve on the Tier Promotion Review Board when needed
  • Be on the bus Wednesday nights to assist transporting students to church and share Sunday morning/evening transportation as needed
  • Support planned weekend activities
  • Help plan and lead evening activities, devotions, and lessons
  • Intervene as necessary to avoid/stop aggressive behavior among the students
  • Issue corrective action measures as needed
  • Build relationships through nightly interactive recreational activities

During Summer Program:

  • Act as floating Cabin Counselor or fill role as permanent Cabin Counselor, depending on need
  • Demonstrate characteristics of a Godly man, modeling Biblical manhood traits through words and actions
  • Use verbal techniques to de-escalate upset boys to achieve compliance
  • Drive the bus as needed and serve as ATV ride leader
  • Disciple, counsel, mentor, and befriend the boys; build relationships while engaging with them during activities
  • Support counselors, volunteers and other staff
  • Lifeguard as needed
  • Must have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and agree with our ministry Statement of Faith
  • Demonstrated ability to work with others in a team environment
  • Ideally suited for single male and must be willing to live on-site in a private room in the Lodge
  • Demonstrated heart to disciple difficult young men through the Word of God
  • Ability to enforce corrective action measures on students as needed (not timid)
  • Able to maintain the schedule and structure of the program during the weekend hours

GOOD NEWS MINISTRIES has full-time summer youth worker internships for male & female college age students interested in mentoring children ages 8-18.  These temporary summer positions report to the Youth Center Director and require a love for inner city children & a desire to reach them for Christ.  Hours are M-F, 9 AM to 6 PM.


  • Faith in Jesus Christ with high moral integrity and well-grounded in scripture.
  • Agreement with our doctrinal statement.
  • Self-motivated with strong work ethic.
  • Initiative to take on projects and see tasks through to completion.
  • Excellent people skills and highly creative.
  • Love for youth and burden to see them saved and growing in the Lord.
  • Mature, self-controlled and presenting a positive example to youth.
  • Prior youth ministry experience would be helpful, but not required.
  • Computer experience.
  • 19 years of age or older.

Call or Text Anthony Rivera at (317) 638-2862 for more information

Our Boys Home 40-Day Challenge takes place on a remote 145-acre facility and reaches out to the most hardened of inner city teen boys. Many of them already have gang affiliations, exposure to drugs or alcohol & criminal records. This evangelism and discipleship program instills a sense of Godly manhood into the lives of each boy through Bible studies, life skills training, personal counseling plus exciting activities like jet ski tubing, rock wall climbing, whitewater rafting, canoeing& more. Paid internships provide training, room& board plus a valuable life experience you won’t find elsewhere!

If you would like to serve God by reaching young men for Christ this summer, text or call Nate Fralic at 440-539-4661.


Position Summary:

This position assists the Youth Center Director in the daily operation of the Youth Center by overseeing the children, teaching Bible studies, spiritual counseling, soul winning, discipleship, organizing activities and helping to maintain the Youth Center and playground areas.


During School Year Program:

Weekday Hours: M-F 12PM-9PM

Weekend Hours: participation in off-site activities required, Sunday morning bus route

During Summer Program:

Weekday Hours: M-F 9AM-6PM

Weekend Hours: other hours for special activities and off-site games


  • Conduct Bible Studies geared toward inner-city kids
  • Must endeavor to make application of studies to our kids
  • Lead and teach spiritual songs
  • Teach/Preach scripture on a weekly basis
  • Counseling of youth regarding salvation, Christian growth and Biblical moral values
  • Visitation throughout neighborhood
  • Maintain contact with parents of youth
  • Provide opportunities for soul winning for Youth Center kids
  • Recruitment of new youth to the Center via neighborhood canvassing
  • Monitoring youth in regular & special activities
  • In Youth Center & playground
  • On outings to local parks, sports events, zoo, museums, etc.
  • Enforcing Youth Center rules of conduct and applying disciplinary measures as needed
  • Coordination of new and exciting games & creative contests
  • Develop or research, & monitor new, exciting games to keep the Youth Center fun
  • Teach fundamentals of being “other-oriented”
  • Create activities with spiritual emphasis and that enhance staff interaction with youth
  • Use activities & games that encourage and promote the discipleship efforts
  • Encourage godly sportsmanship
  • Oversee Tutorial Program, helping with homework, coordinating work with practice sheets, encouraging reading, building computer skills through the Computer Center, recruiting volunteers to help tutor kids
  • Transporting youth in a safe and orderly manner, pick up and drop off kids on a daily basis, transport kids/staff to church on Sundays & Wednesdays
  • Drive kids/staff to and from activities & sporting events
  • Leading volunteer staff (& interns) in various projects & programs
  • Help recruit volunteers to monitor, mentor and maintain relationships with youth
  • Organization, decoration, cleanup, fix-up of Center & playground
  • Assist in creation of monthly and quarterly calendars detailing Y/C activities/events/Bible lessons
  • Use your God-given talents to enhance Youth Center outreach (e.g. music or sports acumen)
  • Create, coordinate, track and implement incentive activities
  • Assist in implementation of Youth Center discipleship program
  • Lead specific groups of kids through various discipleship curriculum
  • Counsel kids one-on-one or in small groups
  • Create incentive activities that encourage youth to participate
  • Other tasks as needed for ministry
  • Born again believer with high moral integrity and well-grounded in Scriptures
  • Must be in agreement with Good News Ministries’ Statement of Faith
  • Highly motivated with strong work ethic & initiative to take on projects and see through to completion
  • Excellent people skills and highly creative
  • Love for misdirected inner-city youth and a burden to see them saved & growing in the Lord
  • Mature, self-controlled and able to present a positive example to youth
  • Minimum 2 year Bible college degree, prefer emphasis in Youth Ministry
  • Computer experience – working knowledge of Word & Excel
  • Prior ministry to youth (S.S. teacher, youth pastor, camp counselor, junior church worker, etc.)
  • Over 21 years of age and able to obtain a CDL and drive a full size bus
Position Summary:

We are seeking a female Youth Center worker to join our team. This position plays a key role in ministering to the inner-city youth who participate in our programs.



  • During IPS School Year- 3:00pm – 8:00pm, Monday –Friday
  • During IPS School Vacations- 9:00am – 6:00pm


  • During IPS School Year- 12:00pm – 9:00pm, Monday –Friday
  • During IPS School Vacations-9:00am – 6:00pm
    *Other hours for special activities such as off-site games may be required.
  • Preparation & presentation of Bible Studies
  • Counseling youth regarding salvation, Christian growth, Biblical family values, respect for authority, school attendance, and educational improvement
  • Canvassing Neighborhood
  • Visiting the homes of our youth to keep in contact with youth and parents
  • Advertising the Youth Center and inviting new young people to come
  • Monitoring Youth in regular and special activities
  • In Youth Center and Park,
  • On outings to local parks, the Zoo, the children’s museum, and youth retreats and rallies
  • Protecting Youth and enforcing rules
  • Coordinating games & contests
  • Develop, research, & monitor new, exciting games.
  • Teach fundamentals to others
  • Encourage good godly sportsmanship
  • Tutoring Youth
  • Helping with homework
  • Coordinating work with practice books
  • Building computer skills
  • Running a Sunday Morning Bus Ministry
  • Aiding the Director in the expansion and development of the Youth Center
  • Leading volunteer staff in various projects & programs, organizing, decorating, cleaning/fixing center & playground. Using special talents in music, arts & crafts, puppetry, etc.
  • Other tasks as needed for ministry
  • Female-At least 19 years of age
  • Well-grounded in Scripture
  • A love for the youth
  • A burden to see youth saved & discipled
  • Mature, self-controlled and presenting a positive example to the youth
  • Prior youth ministry experience would be helpful but is not required
Position Summary:

The digital media coordinator shares the stories of Good News Ministries with the community by creating and share content through digital and print channels. This position captures, edits and produces compelling testimony videos of people who have been impacted by our ministries and conducts interviews to write stories for our social media, e-newsletters, newsletters, and mailings. Write stories for use in all marketing channels. Shoot photography of events, people and ministry activities to share with our network of supporters. Connect all media content to our overarching mission and vision. Use Adobe Creative Cloud software to design graphics for banners, displays, events, fundraising campaigns, etc. on an as needed basis.



Mon-Fri: 8:30AM-5:30PM

Photography coverage of special events on weeknights occasionally required


  • Manage all social media accounts according to a set social media plan; track postings and monitor stats while identifying new concepts and methods that will increase fan following, readership and click through rates.
  • Manage website content and keep it up to date; monitor back end stats and work to improve traffic
  • Photograph events, fundraisers, ministry activities and general happenings around Good News for use in various ministry communications
  • Produce and edit video testimonies for website, e-newsletters or e-appeals
  • Design flyers, postcards, brochures, website graphics, banners, signs, and other marketing promotional graphics etc.
  • Coordinate with third-party service providers to print marketing materials, update website, etc.
  • Update and edit annually-used graphics for upcoming events
  • Report directly to the Director of Development on assignments and task priorities
  • Interview individuals impacted by Good News Ministries in order to share their stories with supporters and donors
  • Produce monthly e-newsletter, e-blasts, and other e-appeals; organize brief and facilitate monthly e-newsletter meetings
  • Post compelling stories on social media and in e-newsletters
  • Assist in creation of organizational Annual report for print and digital formats
  • Communicate regularly with Men’s Shelter, Youth Center, Health Clinic, and Boys Home to obtain content for social media, newsletters, and marketing
  • Willingness to stay late when needed to complete communications projects and meet deadlines
  • of Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, Videography, Marketing, Communications or related field
  • Born again believer with high moral integrity and well-grounded in Scripture
  • Agree with Good News Ministries’ Doctrinal Statement
  • Advanced skills in DSLR camera use
  • Ability to edit photography and place images as needed in different media channels
  • Skilled in capturing video of people and their stories
  • Knowledge of professional video editing software and ability to use it in creating videos for our website, social media, public presentations and events
  • Advanced skills in graphic design using Adobe Creative Suite software
  • Creative writing ability
  • An understanding of Word Press to post media to our website is a plus
Position Summary:

The primary staff registered nurse provides patient care, helps oversee volunteers, regularly completes charting, maintains medical records and assists with development of health education programs.



Weekday: Monday and Tuesday 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Wednesday 9 a.m.-4 p.m., Thursday 9 a.m.-7 p.m., Friday 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

This position can be part-time; contact us for more information.


  • Patient Care:
    • Triage, assess, advocate and refer patients as needed; perform nursing measures as appropriate and within the bounds of reasonable and prudent care.
    • Use SOAP charting.
    • Display knowledge of medical terminology and medications by brand name and generic name.
    • Project a professional image and manner, treating all personnel and patients with respect and honesty; and upholding the highest integrity and humbly accepting supervision and/or direction when appropriate with a positive manner.
    • Prepare medications for individual patients.
    • Educate patients in proper use of medications, lifestyle modifications and disease management.
    • Perform laboratory tests.
    • Educate patients in proper use of medication.
    • Provide assistance to Men’s Shelter clients in daily monitoring of blood pressures, blood sugars and compliance with treatments.
  • Quality of Care:
    • Complete/review medications information sheets.
    • Lead volunteers by example in actual patient treatment and train new volunteers concerning Good News Health Clinic policies and procedures.
    • Assist with statistical reports and in the continual improvement of patient care.
  • Medical Records
    • Discern diagnosis, treatment plans, follow-up and referrals; and basic knowledge of the ICD-10 coding system.
    • Assist with the development of health education programs and healthcare events.
  • Must be a registered nurse with an active license.
  • Born-again believer with high moral integrity and well-grounded in scripture.
  • Willing to share spiritual time with staff/volunteers and the Gospel message with patients.
  • Agree with the Good News Ministries Doctrinal Statement.
Position Summary:

GOOD NEWS MINISTRIES has an opening for a Business Manager in our Administration Office. This position reports directly to our ministry CFO & Executive Assistant. Duties include a wide range of daily, monthly & annual business and accounting procedures regarding our ministry revenue and expenses. This ministry position reports directly to the Executive Director and is ideally suited for a retired or semi-retired finance or accounting professional. This is a part-time position requiring 16-20 hours weekly.


• Faith in Jesus Christ and committed to a fundamental, Bible-believing church
• Agreement with Good News Ministries doctrinal statement
• BA/BS degree in finance, accounting, economics OR 10+ years of related business experience
• Financial management skills
• High moral integrity, self-motivation and a strong work ethic
• Project oriented and able to see tasks through
• Excellent communication and people skills
• Computer literate/tech-savvy


• Oversee all financial & accounting activities
• Verify Accounting Clerk accuracy
• Create and implement procedures for internal cash management
• Verify monthly internal financial statements
• Prepare annual budgets
• Coordinate all audit activities
• Oversee payroll activity
• Monitor banking activity
• Work with Executive Director to improve financial, budgeting and administrative processes

Organization Size:

Good News Ministries is an Indiana not-for-profit charitable corporation that was established in 1950 with an annual cash revenue budget of $1.7 million, $2.5 million with gift-in-kind donations included.

Position Summary:

Our Metal Work Training Facility is in need of a manager who can fully operate a small machine shop producing real products for local companies while training select homeless clients how to program and operate a CNC machine & related equipment. The goal is to help these men gain full-time employment in a sustainable career. This is a full-time salaried position with benefits.

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