Hope for Families

Family Shelter

Families, fully dislodged from their homes and any support, are an ever increasing percentage of the homeless population. It is tragic that many children go hungry and are exposed to harsh environments with their parents.


These families find it difficult to live with relatives or friends for very long, and emergency shelters often only offer temporary relief or shelter for the female members of the family. Because of this, families will seek out abandoned houses or a car and food pantries to fend for their kids.


Our Family Shelter offers the entire homeless family unit their own fully furnished apartment with all the financial, educational, emotional, medical and spiritual support needed to get back on their feet. These families may stay as long as they need, although our program lasts approximately 2 years.


Families entering the program come with some combination of financial, legal, employment, addiction, relationship and educational problems that have brought them to this heartbreaking point in their lives.


Our goal is to build hope into these precious lives through Christ-centered, structured programs, and to help them overcome the destructive behavior that makes successful independent living difficult or impossible.

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Education Assistance

One of the largest contributors of long-term homelessness is the lack of proper education. Many homeless individuals have never graduated high school and most have never completed any higher education or skill trade training. There are very few employers who will hire someone without education, and when trying to get back on your feet this can be crippling, and even more so for parents with children.


We understand that if someone is truly going to have lasting stability, they need proper education tools. One of the many services we provide is the opportunity to go to class and receive free HSE (GED) preparation, and when ready Good News will pay for the testing! If the high school diploma has already been achieved, we will work with each individual and help them be placed into skill trade training or college. Most homeless and poor can receive plenty of grant money to make this dream a reality. Imagine, having free housing, free food prepared for you and a bed to call your own so that you can finally focus on a much needed education.

Child Custody

Perhaps one of the most devastating effects of adult homelessness is the loss of child custody. For many homeless men and women living on the streets, addictions and incarceration can lead to CPS removing children from their care. Once this takes place, it can be very hard to get those kids back. Good News Family Shelter provides stable living for families and seeks to reunite broken homes while in our care. We work closely with legal services to ensure that parents are able to get custody of their children once they are stable, then continue to provide stable living for their entire family.

Addiction Recovery

Our Reformers Unanimous program meets weekly on Thursday nights. Those attending are encouraged by student testimonies, receive individual and group counseling and also hear practical Bible preaching throughout each session. They are provided with workshop and training materials to keep them focused on discipleship and recovery throughout the rest of the week. The RU Program uses the Gospel of Jesus Christ and practical discipline skills to help people achieve freedom from addictive and sinful lifestyles. At Good News, we are in the business of turning lives around and the RU program is perfectly designed to help us meet that goal!


Personal and marriage counseling are made available to every family in our shelter. Whether it’s past issues, addictions, confusing subjects or future plans, our trained and certified counselors are here morning and evening to meet this crucial need. We make sure that each family has a time set aside to meet privately with a counselor.