Hope for the Community

Health Clinic

Most homeless and working poor do not have reliable access to basic medical care because they are not connected to or signed up for government healthcare.


Medical help is available at hospitals in the case of life threatening emergencies, but symptomatic and preventive health care is out of reach for low-income families or those living on the streets.


Unfortunately, many serious or life-threatening health concerns, like hypertension, diabetes and heart disease, go unattended during times where food and shelter are the only priorities.


Our Health Clinic offers free or at-cost medical care. We also accept donations to cover the cost of lab tests and over-the-counter or prescription medications.


Good News Health Clinic is a community health center, and its services include primary physician care, health screenings, lab tests, disease management, medications, immunizations, health education, specialty referrals and treatment follow-up. Dental and eye care assistance are also available.


Our staff and volunteers strive to build hope into their community by improving the quality of life for the poor and homeless of the inner-city. Through the health care process, we also take opportunities to share God’s love, comfort and promise of eternal life through Jesus Christ.


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Thrift Shop

The Good News Thrift Shop has been in operation on the corner of Washington and Rural since 2006. Our store is 100% staffed by shelter residents, and we sell items donated to our ministry that don’t find a use around our campus. The Thrift Shop not only provides a fair amount of money for outreach efforts, it provides hands-on job experience for men in our shelter and it gives our community neighbors great prices on clothing, furniture, decorations, appliances and so much more!

Community Service Work

We offer a program for those with Community Service that must be completed per court order or for other legal reasons. Our CSW program runs Monday through Friday from 7am to 4pm for men, 8am to 4pm for women. Lunch is provided free of charge. All work verification is sent off electronically from our facility as soon as work is completed. Contact us for more information on hours, location and details at 317-638-2862.