Boys Home

What are the odds that an inner-city kid, surrounded by immorality and destructive lifestyles, will succeed? What are the odds that he will lead a godly life if no one intervenes?


Away from the city, our 145 acre Boys Home offers real hope for troubled, inner-city teen boys. Many of them have been in and out of juvenile facilities or have become too hardened for their families to handle. This youth program is a 9-month residential academy that motivates the students to personal and academic excellence, where the love of Christ is shared with them on a daily basis.


In addition to moving towards a Core 40 diploma, each student learns valuable skilled trades and receives one-on-one spiritual training throughout the year. Specialized courses and vocational training are offered to engage the young men in concepts of life planning and career choices. Full scholarships are offered to selected students in this effort to produce godly young men.

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40 Day Challenge

Violence, drug use, immorality, failed grades and other destructive behaviors are ever increasing in the lives of teen boys. Although we offer a Youth Center for inner-city youth, our Boys Home 40-Day Challenge is intended to be a crossroads in the lives of teen boys who are already too hardened for their families to handle. Many of the teens we serve already have criminal records.


The 40-Day Challenge takes place at our Boys Home property in Reelsville, IN. This rigorous summer program is for troubled, low-income teenage boys, ages 13-17. This program rescues them from the negative influences of gangs, drugs, neglect and domestic violence. Next, the 40-Day Challenge helps them become responsible, mature and independent young men through spiritual, educational and career training.


Our passion is training at-risk teenage boys to turn away from their hurtful lifestyles. Ultimately, we encourage them to embrace a lifestyle of biblical manhood in order to see them reach their full potential.