Investing in her future

JaNylah, or Nylah for short, lives at home with her mother and siblings and recently graduated high school. Nylah remembers driving past the 3-story playground at our Youth Center when she was little and wanting to play on it. Her siblings started attending first and she remembers them being picked up by our big purple bus, but she was very shy and felt nervous about being around so many new people. After a few weeks of her siblings coming home with stories of games, prizes and time learning about Jesus, Nylah finally decided to join them!
Nylah started attending faithfully and then joined the teen girls’ Bible study hosted by our Youth Center Director’s wife, Ashley. She began learning more about Jesus and what He had done for her on the cross. After one evening study, Nylah knew she wanted to accept Jesus into her heart but she was still too shy to ask a counselor to help her. Ashley could tell Nylah was paying close attention so, after the group finished, she brought Nylah aside to a quiet space and asked if she wanted to know more about Jesus. After their conversation, Nylah bowed her head and gladly accepted Christ as her Savior! “It was so simple, I couldn’t believe that I just had to trust Jesus and believe in Him. Now I have Him, and He has helped get me out of the dark hole I was in and into the light.”
In her early days at our Youth Center, Nylah was suffering with a certain type of tumor that caused skin rashes and other difficult side effects. Our staff prayed fervently for her, and the tumor was later removed and found to be non-cancerous! Because of what she had gone through, Nylah developed an interest in skincare and whole-body health and now wants to be trained in esthetics! “I want to help people feel better about their skin and health. I’ve enrolled in a program where I can become a licensed esthetician.” Nylah is very grateful for the role the Good News Youth Center has played in her life and for the love and care they offer to kids like her. Please join us in praying for Nylah as she takes this next big step into young adulthood!