Staff Highlight: Ben Ellingson

My name is Ben Ellingson and I am an Assistant Director at the Good News Boys Home. I help minister at the Boys Home by teaching Bible at the Academy and mentoring the students. I also counsel residents from the Men’s Shelter who stay at the Boys Home campus and do many of the repairs around the Boys Home campus.

I came to be a part of Good News during my senior year of college when I was asked to be a counselor for the first 40-Day Challenge program. At college, I was involved with inner-city master clubs and my heart was burdened for inner-city youth. I accepted this invitation and it has changed my life. During that first summer, I saw God change the path of so many young men away from destruction. It was incredible. A month after leaving the summer program, Good News offered me a full-time position at the Boys Home.

Since I began working for Good News Ministries, I have been a part of and received so many blessings. I have seen many young men receive Christ as their Savior and others having a closer walk with God. Additionally, in August of 2014, God blessed me with a wonderful wife who has spent several years teaching at the Boys Home. Just recently, on August 31st 2017, God blessed my family with a wonderful son.

I am glad to be part of Good News Ministries because of the focus they have to change the most desperate lives with the Gospel. It is encouraging to see new facilities being built, programs created and resources acquired for the purpose of reaching out to more people for Christ. Good News believes God came to rescue the most hardened of people. I strongly share that belief and have seen many obtain hope through Christ during my years at Good News Ministries.