Volunteer opportunities are available in areas that include: building & renovation projects, meal service, sorting donations, helping in our Thrift Shop, tutoring kids in our Youth Center, medical assistance in our Health Clinic and more!  Bring a youth group, host a service day with your employer or just come on your own for a rewarding and fulfilling time helping those who need it most.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

  • Tutorial program
  • Reading circles
  • Re-stain the fences
  • Medical assistance in our Clinic
  • Quarterly newsletter
  • Making meals for the Boys Home
  • Meal service at the Men’s Shelter Saturday and Sunday – 2:30 p.m.
  • Sorting donations for the Thrift Shop
  • Organizing, changing stock in the Thrift Shop


Serve a Meal
Food Drives
Health Clinic Assistants
Building Projects
Chapel Teams

Not sure where to start? Contact our volunteer coordinator
to find the place where you can make the biggest impact!