Good News Ministries

Youth Center

Kids need a place where they can be kids and feel safe. At the Good News Youth Center, these inner-city children benefit from educational tutoring, at least one meal a day and a safe haven from a neighborhood filled with drugs and violence.

The Good News Youth Center believes that these kids can become anything they desire, if they are willing to put forth the required effort. The Youth Center is not only a place of education and fun, but the staff and volunteers emphasize the importance of a relationship with Christ. Daily Bible lessons and studies encourage these kids to grow deeper in their walk with God. And leadership programs reinforce and develop skills that will carry over into adult life.

Video game systems, full court basketball, air hockey, pool tables and the largest playground around are just a few activities that keep these kids busy. Voluntary and mandatory events fill school-year afternoons. For at least one hour each day, students must do their homework, participate in a book reading program or work on increasing their reading comprehension skills.

During the summer program, kids go on weekly field trips and participate in community service projects, while still being able to enjoy everything else the Youth Center has to offer. Teaching kids to give back, but more importantly, showing them the love of Christ is what the Good News Youth Center is all about.