A Grateful & Healthy Heart

Meet Fernando.

He is a 59 year old man originally from Honduras. He and his family moved to the states in 2000, and then moved to Indianapolis to be closer to his wife’s family. Fernando works hard as a handyman but he struggles with health issues. Once all his children were grown and out of the house, he began to focus on getting his health in balance and needed help.

“My friend told me about this clinic. She said they were very kind and I needed to see if they could help me.”

Fernando was feeling generally unwell when he first came to our Clinic and it was due to lack of proper treatment for diabetes and high blood pressure. With these life-threatening conditions getting worse, the staff was pivotal in getting his health back on track. He has been a patient at our Health Clinic for over 3 years now!

“The nurses and doctors have done so much good for my life, not just my health. They care about me and I miss them when I haven’t seen them in a while because they are my friends. With their help I am feeling better every day.”

Fernando often tells his family members and church friends about the Clinic. “Here they care about everyone and they treat everyone with kindness. Hispanic, Black, White, they love them all and treat them the same way, and I think God likes that.” Now Fernando receives proper medications, at no cost to him, to help control his diabetes and blood pressure, while also receiving loving care and friendship from our Health Clinic staff and volunteers!

The Good News Health Clinic offers vital services to the underserved in our community. Most of the working poor do not have reliable access to basic medical treatment because they cannot afford, or are unable to navigate, the complex government programs. But with the loving care of our Health Clinic staff, anyone can find primary physician care, health screenings, lab tests, eye exams, disease management, medications, immunizations, health education, specialty referrals and treatment follow-up. This ministry is giving the community hope through both a better quality of life and the opportunity to hear about the promise of eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ.