Face Of Hope: Michael Blair

Michael Blair’s story highlights the difficulty of recovering from homelessness.Mike has spent 10 years at Good News Ministries after being dishonorably discharged from the military due to his struggle with alcohol. His life fell apart, he lost his license, his job, and his hope for the future.

Mike spent the first few years of his recovery working at our mission learning to stay sober, and building his relationship with Christ. Gradually he began to feel ready to move out, but there was a problem. Without a license finding a career was difficult. So Mike rode the bus to work at a local Dollar Tree while he saved money and paid off all of his traffic fines. After much hard work, he was able to pay off the fines and receive his license.

With license in hand, Mike soon found a job working in an assembly factory. Guided by a Men’s Shelter counselor he created a savings plan and started to build credit. Finally, 10 years after his arrival at Good News Ministries, Mike had overcome all of the obstacles and was able to purchase his very first home.

Often times, recovering from homelessness takes time, that’s why the men who stay at Good News Ministries are able to remain as long as they need to get back on their feet.