Foundations of Faith

At Good News Ministries, we have a Youth Center where kids can go to get a warm meal, enjoy a safe environment, play games and hear the Bible preached.  During Discipleship Week this past month, we had daily Bible studies around the theme of building faith in this world. The five lessons included: “How to read the Bible and why,” “Creation vs. Evolution,” “Going to Church,” “Biblical Marriage,” and “Prayer.”

We also chose this week to reward twelve of the most faithful, well-behaved children who attend Good News Ministries Youth Center. The twelve participated in five different activities: photo-scavenger hunt, playing at the Incrediplex, go-karting, bowling, and eating at CiCi’s pizza.  Doing the right thing is not always easy, so we were happy to reward these kids with a week of fun activities.

When asked about the week’s experience, our Director of the Youth Center, Anthony, shared that his favorite part was “seeing the kids doing something clean and wholesome and having a blast while doing it.”

When the kids were asked what their favorite part was, it was great to hear some say that the Bible-based educational videos that were played during the discipleship lessons were at the top of the list. They had never heard these scientific facts found in the Bible, and it opened their eyes to the validity of the Bible.

What a great Faith Building Week!