Wyatt’s Journey to Good News Ministries

Last July, 29-year-old Wyatt Borden suffered a mental breakdown due to depression. Wyatt lost his home and began living with a friend due to financial problems. For months, he laid around all day contemplating ending his life.

On Thanksgiving Day, Wyatt’s friend walked in on him attempting to cut his wrists with a knife. His suicide attempt was thwarted, but Wyatt’s roommate said he could not stay with him anymore.  Two days later his friend said, “This place can really help you,” as he dropped Wyatt off in front of our Men’s Shelter.

Growing up, Wyatt lost his mother at age twelve. He became rebellious after being placed in foster care because of his father’s neglect. Still, he managed to graduate college and build a real estate career in Indianapolis. In 2015, he earned more money than ever before, yet felt unfulfilled. Although Wyatt’s state of mind pushed him to try to take his life, God had other plans that brought him through our doors instead.

At first, Wyatt admits he was put off by the “religious” emphasis. However, he says, “As the next few weeks went on, studying the Bible made me want to seek God.” As the chapel service came to a close on Christmas Day, Wyatt raised his hand indicating his desire to be saved but did not respond to the invitation. The next night, as he was in bed reading the Bible, he said to himself, “It’s time to give my life to Christ.” Wyatt accepted the Lord that night and now has a new spirit about him.

Honesty and openness have become priorities in his life. Currently, Wyatt is working on becoming stable through one of our job readiness programs and says he will not move out until he completes our addiction recovery program. Wyatt hopes to reestablish his real estate career and do it with Christ at his side.